Live Awesomely

Not Only believe in GOD But search the truth yourself

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“Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known GOD. – Corrie ten Boom

GOD has given us life as beautiful gift . every body knows that what a beautiful gift means to us.If somebody gives a gift , we just becomes happy, and the most important thing is that we care it.we understands what it means to us…and we respect it.

This is the same case with life. GOD has given it . so enjoy this gift .respect this gift and care it.

Because it is limited . Truely the time of this gift is limited. we shouldn’t waste it .

Let’s live it freely . achieve what you want make it your passion . and LIVE FOR OTHERS.

Death is the real and bitter truth on this earth…Someone has said ….

Life is so beautiful even death tries to snatch it from you..



Author: panwar_arvind

Indian, Tech Enthusiast, Entrepreneur, Programmer, Nature Lover.

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