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Learn from Your PAST.

Many times, i feels that i am loosing something. But , whenever i tried to know , what things i am loosing its the days of my sacrifice and my sufferings which i have forgotten today and one reason is i am not taking experience from my past.

Surely , Experience is the best teacher. We should not forget the efforts of people(Our parents, family members, teachers) , their sacrifice , their unconditional love, their dream to make us successful, and our journey to make all the dreams reality.

we have to make this society a better place to live. In the environment  , where culture and traditions are fading away , the morality of character is degrading day by day. At any cost we have to remove this fear of loss of morality, culture and character from our heart, and the fear that we are wrong or will be.

We have to lead the society , and to fulfill all the dreams of all those , who have a hope in their heart that we will be successful and will lead our village, city, country and the world .

we must have to think of our brothers and sisters , our parents , our elders who have sacrificed their life , to make us a good human being and also gave us a picture of good human being by giving example of their own life.


we must not forget that millions of people of society are suffering from poverty , injustice and ignorant.
we must not forget that million of the children are out of school.
we must not forget that our brothers and sisters are waiting for their bright and peaceful future. – MALALA YOUSAFZAI