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In our daily life many things happen, and in most of the cases we don’t learn from the daily panic situations.These activities repeats themselves until we don’t learn from them.It happens with everyone.

After a lot of sufferings ,i came to know that until we learn from them, we can’t move further .Sometimes there is some thought, feeling in our heart that leads to stress, depression and we feel depressed until we don’t gets a solution.Some times we found a temporary solution that resolves the problem at that time but not for ever.For this we have to find the real cause of problem,

With available education we have to kill the devil thoughts inside us , we have to rely too much on our self and on our education that we will remove this devil from our heart.And this is the permanent solution.

Believe on education provided by your parents and teachers, and eradicate whatever it is either fear, devil thought anything that stops you.


Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world – Nelson Mandela.

I am proud of my parents, that they give me the most powerful weapon, that i can use to change myself, my thoughts, my destiny, and my surroundings. I love them.

Never ever afraid of the devil thoughts(fear, depression,stress) if comes to your mind, just relax and use this weapon transform yourself and see the truth. this is the advantage of education.


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Author: panwar_arvind

Indian, Tech Enthusiast, Entrepreneur, Programmer, Nature Lover.

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