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Poem found on Facebook

तू जिंदगी को जी,
उसे समझने की कोशिश न कर….
सुन्दर सपनो के ताने बाने बुन,
उसमे उलझने की कोशिश न कर….
चलते वक़्त के साथ तू भी चल,
उसमे सिमटने की कोशिश न कर….
अपने हाथो को फैला, खुल कर साँस ले,
अंदर ही अंदर घुटने की कोशिश न कर….
मन में चल रहे युद्ध को विराम दे,
खामख्वाह खुद से लड़ने की कोशिश न कर….
कुछ बाते भगवान् पर छोड़ दे,
सब कुछ खुद सुलझाने की कोशिश न कर….
जो मिल गया उसी में खुश रह,
जो सकून छीन ले वो पाने की कोशिश न कर….
रास्ते की सुंदरता का लुत्फ़ उठा,
मंजिल पर जल्दी पहुचने की कोशिश न कर !


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Just Thinking

what to write and what not !!!

The intellect given to human makes him many time scared because of this he sometimes thinks to much and some times to less.

Sometimes human thinks about himself only, his own is family , his relatives over… but when some outside incident he sees, then he is worried about what is happening outside.

Misery, Unbelief , Poverty, Population, Hunger, Corruption malnutrition what not this is the worst face of this world.

People don’t have homes to live Don’t have money to feed their children, Don’t have clothes to cover their body, and many times .People sell their bodies  , small children works at shops, collects polythene bags, Like stray animals they are living. what is this! Isn’t it man made, or given by god.

It’s simple Human Intelligence used for bad Purpose Leads to this situation.

What is our development

I accept that we are developing ,Women are given More priority as compared to past , they have more freedom, we have more accessibility of light  ,education  etc…

But the images that describe above pictures leads tears in the eyes. The same human born on this earth. who have equal rights to access the earthly resources , why he is living his whole life in poverty and fear.

And Same time another Face of Humans Where we have People with great wealth, educated, living luxurious life, i accept it that they are working day and night for this that’s why they deserve but there  is something that is human is ruled by another human . People are snatching others freedom to work peoples under them.

but at the same time their are peoples who are trying regularly to serve the humanity, they are feeding poor, making them able to live a healthy and prosperous life , they are thinking about their lifestyle and doing their best to improve it. They know they are part of society and understands their responsibility.

Starting from very basic each individual have some relations in his life time. His Parents, Brothers sisters. , then as he grows up he adds many people to his life .

Happiness and sadness are two faces of the same coin in life. every one feels them some feels more some less. some are affected more some less.

But when each people in his life has challenges  and he works hard to face  them then he uses his intelligence cleverly . but sometimes when he overcomes those challenges , he fulls himself with greed. For him money is the status symbol . he used it to snatch others freedom to fulfill his own ambitions. Her tries to live a lavish life where he has big home , cars,

all  luxurious things also girls to fulfill his sexual desires, he don’t understand why these girls are selling their body to him , they may be facing the challenges in their life. So rather supporting other human we are using them to fulfill our desires.

Some times we uses our intellect to much that even we forgets the Humanity.

We are humans We live in a society, society that starts from ourselves , the society includes our family, then our surrounding peoples.

So here is individual small society i.e. his family, then his village , city country, etc,

Each person in this society hierarchy have different role. when he is individual , he has the duty to make him good person to fulfill all the worldly duties,  then his family comes where he has the duty to feed his family to have a shelter, clothes , food.

And to respect each relationship he has to understand the demands of each relation , to serve the parents better, to grow his children well, to be with his wife in every situation, in the same manner he has duty towards society .

If he is able, he has duty to serve society better , he is a part of society, If the People in his society are dying of hunger then it should hurt a person who is living a luxurious life , to take action towards helping the society

I know first duty of a person is to make him good to serve himself well, then his family, then relatives and then society,

It takes a same effort to think all about this. to understand he best creation of god known to human. we must learn to respect humanity,each individual have to behave accordingly what the relationship demands, we have to be more emotionally Intelligent but without fear, without greed,

Stay Strong .

Be Human.

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Lessons I Learnt … #1

As we grow we gain more experience about what life is ….

There are certain things which takes nearly our full life time to understand.

Love, Relationship, Family, Parents, Teacher, Friends etc……

Talking about Relationship , every relationship demands some different things.

Not every relationship demands same things,

Like with your wife you have feelings , respect romance but wit your family members you have love and feelings.

To understand what each relationship demands and taking that into picture and working , behaving saves you from

many conflicts in life

Respect every Relationship,