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Human being a part of nature

Men and  women are not different , they are same except of their body parts, they are a part of nature ,

they have soul part of god , they are humans. Wonderfully Women have more part of nature, they are blessed to have a child of god.

Everything is so beautiful , while seeing this world with purity. Blessed are the women , who plays a important part of the nature on this earth. Women are blessed to raise a child in the womb of their body.

We are in so much debt of the women called Devi in My country.

They are mother, sister , daughter . Without them no Human Life.

Its our duty to give them the respect a girl , women deserve. we have to see her with purity , Never with Lust..

It will take you to heaven on this earth and will give peace and tranquility in your life. and will change the taste of your life. Making you more Human and close yo nature.


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Difference between personality traits and skills

The 10 Most Important Personality Traits for Career Success

Personality traits are distinguishing qualities or characteristics that are the embodiment of an individual’s.  They are your habitual patterns of behavior, temperament and emotion.

Skills, on the other hand, are the learned capacity to carry out specific tasks.  They are competences or the talents to do things.  These proficiencies can include critical thinking, manual, negotiation, outdoor, presentation, or technological.  Typically, skills are special abilities that are acquired through training and experience.

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The Aim of Life..

My goal of human life is to have a best family around me, where i serve and love my mother whole heartedly, love and care my brother and sister and friends , give love and better health care to my grand parents, handle all financial problems by my own. To have a good wife that will be mine best friend throughout this journey of life and will be with me in my even and odds.

To serve me nation and mother land. To use my intellect in the betterment of society and to improve the quality of life people around me. To feel the real essence of human love rather exploiting it .,to enjoy each relationship. to serve better.

To raise a generation that will be having more good quality in their life. To serve my Mother INDIA.

And Last Every Body feel proud to be attached with me.

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The Difference ..

What is the difference between Indian philosophy and western philosophy .

we indians more focuses on our societies , we value man more as the highest creation of god the supreme, the truth.

while western people focuses on science they believe in the material world to search for truth to find the unsolved mystries ,

to find the reason, by rational , by experiment , by reasoning.

They focus on individuals rather than families , they are more towards freedom of thoughts.

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Love – The essence of life.

Love , Life and Love..

That’s all is life. Today we want things very fast, don’t thinking or understanding that they are very temporary.

This attitude has weaken the relationship bond. Boy and girls wish to go for short relationships that ends on bed simply.

They don’t have patience to wait for the permanent and this way they lose the enjoyment of that love.

Go for some solid love, where you can give everything for your partner, you can go for any boundary to fulfill the trust .

Go for that , Go for Real Love. enjoy that.

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Who Am I..

I am very firstly a SON,

SON of Beautiful parents on this Earth for all their unconditional love and for whole their efforts in providing the best worldly material and pleasures they can , Mother and Father you are best to me..

SON of the Great Mother Earth – for every thing Food, water , life and love.

SON of the Great Mother India- who gave me the virtues and life living qualities throughput its civilization.

So , Trying to become a best SON. others will be happen its own. All should be proud of me.

I will feel the great honor being called as SON or BETA . It Indicates that I am on the right track of my life. and also  in our society the respect of the parents and relatives is in their son’s hand. They should feel proud of us.

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Baba’s Experience

When i see others are doing , then why not I.

And what  I am doing  , will i be able to do it after doing that.

Then think if I will do those things (lose character) , I will loose some thing that may be my relationship with others .

With my family , my parents, my friends , brothers and sister and with my wife with whom i am going to live my next phase of life.

Somewhere this thing affects others relations in your life , and leads to some terrible feelings .

Be brave avoid such thoughts , think what you have to achieve and at what positions you are.

Believe me , In Purity there is joy , flavor of life , relations in life, Don’t do any thing which hurts your soul or you do without consulting your inner person.

One More thing what Purity and character gives you is -1) Confidence that comes from the core of your heart and Inspiration

2) You can start loving any person any time . You understand feeling more. And You are Loved More , thar is the best thing humanity have is human love that crosses every bondages . and touches the heart and soul.

3). You are more close to god and humans…

4). You have the inspiration to accomplish any goal of life..

It’s my experience .

Don’t hesitate in doing things which are right .

But thing twice doing what is wrong..

Just for example think a situation where you are indulge in such type of activities . Your mind will be occupied with such dirty things. concentration will be affected . Performance will be be lowered. And relationships will break, and whole day mind will be occupied by these thoughts . you will loose all the taste of life.essence of every relation that a human have on this earth.

So. Leave this area Your love is with  your wife . start from your family love them do for your Nation.

Salute yourself for this thinking. because there is good rituals in your heart thats why you are able to think like this

Salute to parents who gave us this all.

But think at the same time , if you have loving heart , and you finds the love of your life , the whole world will change instantly, all the brightness will come to your feet, the feelings , ahsaas , zindagi ki wo chandani, and the melody of life that you will with the person , . so leave all this to feel that incident and time. Don’t ruin that precious human love. That is the correct . you will be with true love of your life, with whom you can achieve every happiness and any goal.

That s the love that is between parents, that gives them a way , a point that they should live and after that their full love changes towards their children

So go for such true love , understand others love and feel this life, it is very deep. Feel it. Love it. Understand it.

lifee This is me, and this I wants to be…..

Remember that try to become a person on whom your parents, teachers , brothers , country can proud . Become a reason of their happiness ., their goal. that’s the way to live a pride life. not the one full with individual luxury and enjoyment .

Kuch paane ke liye kuch chodhna  padata hai,

and you have every thing in best way , so go with pride.

Your life is someone whole life hard work remember it always.

Till now i have experienced that it is not our eyes what sees in the world, it is our mentality and own insight that makes our eyes to see what we wants to see.