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I am very firstly a SON,

SON of Beautiful parents on this Earth for all their unconditional love and for whole their efforts in providing the best worldly material and pleasures they can , Mother and Father you are best to me..

SON of the Great Mother Earth – for every thing Food, water , life and love.

SON of the Great Mother India- who gave me the virtues and life living qualities throughput its civilization.

So , Trying to become a best SON. others will be happen its own. All should be proud of me.

I will feel the great honor being called as SON or BETA . It Indicates that I am on the right track of my life. and also  in our society the respect of the parents and relatives is in their son’s hand. They should feel proud of us.


Author: panwar_arvind

Indian, Tech Enthusiast, Entrepreneur, Programmer, Nature Lover.

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