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Need of Purity and Detachment

Purity and detachment gives the essence of real human nature. These are needed to feel the drops of rain water , to feel the touch of a child , to feel the love of mother, to feel the value and love of a relationship .

In this world we are surrounded by bondages .we get caught in the trap of bondages easily. So there is need of detachment .

Some time because of human nature we get caught in the trap of lust, ego, anger. These are impurities. By giving up all these we make our mind and heart clean and pure .

Understand the love and responsibility of each relationship . Love all beings .

To feel the creation of nature , you have to be synchronized with nature by making your self a human whi can feel the things , feel the nature .

Because Feeling is the only thing that differentiates us from machines.

So be human , have feelings but same time learn the art of detachment .