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Happy Face vs Sad Face

Live happily is a choice. Dull face or cheerful face is a choice.

Both energy exist . Positive as well as negative. It depends upon you to whom you embrace yourself.

Think of a scenario . where two people are in front of you . one is depressed with dull face, no cheerfulness , no enthusiasm. Same time other guy , cheerful face , inspiring smile, with passion , with enthusiasm , blessed. Second one is inspiring as well as happy.

Both are different , both had choices , what they choose was dependent on themselves.

So, Being happy is a choice, No matter from which disease you are suffering , no matter how stressed you are, no matter how anxious you are.

You always have a choice to think positive, to be happy without any reason . be happy. be blessed.


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Thinking too much : When you rule your thoughts – you are connected to the higher intuitive mind

The higher intuitive mind is also called the “higher self”, the “wisdom body”, or the “knowing self”.

It is the wise part of you that knows what is really good for you. It knows how to be in the world and how to respond to life with authenticity, spontaneity, courage, skill and wisdom. The higher intuitive mind is responsible for the formation of your sense of self and your ability to gain accurate perspective. It is aligned with your inner data bank of deep knowledge.

It is wise to connect to and cultivate the higher mind so that the endless stream of thoughts, the thinking mind, does not control you.

The aim of meditation is not to escape the thinking mind since we need it for our survival. The aim is to connect your two minds, so that thinking mind can hear, respond to and learn from the wisdom of your intuitive mind. Only then can you begin to disentangle from and live in harmony with your more than thirty thousand daily thoughts. (Actually, there are probably many more thoughts than these if we include everything that is going on in the subconscious mind.)

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