Live Awesomely

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We define our own world.

According to Psychology  it’s not events themselves that upset us, but the meanings we give them.

If our thoughts are too negative, it can block us seeing things or doing things that don’t fit – that disconfirm – what we believe is true. In other words, we continue to hold on to the same old thoughts and fail to learn anything new.

The natural world is beautiful. It’s us who give meaning to our own life. It’s us who see things and define them.

You have choice to see to right and wrong , accept right and wrong. Same like being happy is a choice ,  to see the beauty, happiness in the world is our choice.

Lets make good choices.


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You are simply awesome

We are unique in this universe. We are beautiful, energetic. Fill your mind with positivity only . Forget everything, you are simply awesome.

Be unique , love others selflessly , make your self esteem very high .


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How Fear ruins our life.

Fear is one of the greatest sin according to vedas. Fear is a state of mind and collection of negative thoughts.

It sucks our all positive energy and makes us useless and anxious.

Its the reason for all stress , all anxiety , all weakness . And only way to destroy is to fill your brain with only positive things.

We are part of great soul .The divinity within us should be manifested . We are the most intelligent beings and we are the most intelligent creation of the nature. Just face your fear.

Running away is never been a solution to any problem . face your fear and conquer it.That is the only way to live a life of beauty and your dreams.