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Thinking too much : When you rule your thoughts – you are connected to the higher intuitive mind

The higher intuitive mind is also called the “higher self”, the “wisdom body”, or the “knowing self”.

It is the wise part of you that knows what is really good for you. It knows how to be in the world and how to respond to life with authenticity, spontaneity, courage, skill and wisdom. The higher intuitive mind is responsible for the formation of your sense of self and your ability to gain accurate perspective. It is aligned with your inner data bank of deep knowledge.

It is wise to connect to and cultivate the higher mind so that the endless stream of thoughts, the thinking mind, does not control you.

The aim of meditation is not to escape the thinking mind since we need it for our survival. The aim is to connect your two minds, so that thinking mind can hear, respond to and learn from the wisdom of your intuitive mind. Only then can you begin to disentangle from and live in harmony with your more than thirty thousand daily thoughts. (Actually, there are probably many more thoughts than these if we include everything that is going on in the subconscious mind.)

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It matters how you starts your day

Morning must bring freshness , enthusiasm, energy in your life. So , it really matters how you starts your day.

Waking up early , doing exercise and yoga, roaming in fresh air in the leap of nature changes our mood as well as changes our perspective about how we lives our life.

It increases our productivity and understanding . Improves thought process and brings calmness and harmony in our life.

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Confidence is the Real Key to Success

Complaining is not the solution to any problem, You must come forward and act.

No matter in which situation you are , to come of that you have to have confidence in yourself . You can cry in front of friends, god but nobody will help you , until you do not believe in yourself .

Confidence , faith in your self leads you to your goal . Suppose you are not good at something like orating skills . For that you have to believe that you can. what it demands is hard work with dedication and everything is yours.

So be confident you may not know something but you can Learn.


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Need of Purity and Detachment

Purity and detachment gives the essence of real human nature. These are needed to feel the drops of rain water , to feel the touch of a child , to feel the love of mother, to feel the value and love of a relationship .

In this world we are surrounded by bondages .we get caught in the trap of bondages easily. So there is need of detachment .

Some time because of human nature we get caught in the trap of lust, ego, anger. These are impurities. By giving up all these we make our mind and heart clean and pure .

Understand the love and responsibility of each relationship . Love all beings .

To feel the creation of nature , you have to be synchronized with nature by making your self a human whi can feel the things , feel the nature .

Because Feeling is the only thing that differentiates us from machines.

So be human , have feelings but same time learn the art of detachment .





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Stand up firm to Serve back !!

This nation has given us a lot of love, care, education and better life.
It’s our turn to serve back its people and to make this earth a better place to live.

Its our turn to serve our family and our motherland.
There is a opportunity to live a life with honor, pride, love and glory.A rare opportunity to work for nation.
So, Stand up to Serve Back.
What nation needs is freedom from poverty , illiteracy, hunger. We as the proud son of the motherland must serve it till our last breath.

Our responsibility starts from our own family. we have to serve every responsibility better. We will not become selfish or ignorant.
we will sacrifice in the same manner as nation and its proud mother has sacrificed for their children. JAI  HIND.

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Things to do to feel life more..

We all live but  most of the time without feeling it. Because We overload our mind with work means we try to do more without refreshing our mind..

So there are certain things to do daily to refresh our mind and to live more in our daily lives.

  • Feeling of gratitude ..

Daily , We should feel gratitude towards God. Who have given us life and provides us food, shelter, gives the intellect to live better . We must thank him for everything what we have today and we should pray for his grace in our all actions.

  • Mindset to see the beauty…

For every perception we have a mindset. To see the beauty in everything that nature has, we need to change our mindset.

Remember , everything god has created is beautiful and meaningful. you need a mindset to see the beauty . If you ever feel something wrong about any natural thing or about human being or the consequences of the development human being is doing. so for that try to see everything  from the eyes of the creator .

Go for the real beauty that things have . understand them . Live more.

Mind is never a problem to mankind but Mindset is.

  • Value of human being..

We humans are the best creation of nature. So prove that with your karmas , and raise humanity and its value.Give the values to your relationships . Feel the power of love.